Rainbow Lovers: 

Rainbows Are Magic. Believe. 

Hi, I'm an illustrator, author, and art director working with clients ranging from Vogue Japan, The New York Times, The Cut, Goop and Hermes

My daughter's love of rainbows inspired me paint rainbows and launch this shop. I believe colors have power. They elevate us to higher states of mind. Rainbows are the purest manifestation of color in nature. They deliver prescription-strength chromatic medicine for the soul. In a time of gray skies, we need to fill our eyes with rainbows more than ever. Rainbows are the best medicine!

With Maison Rainbow, I've bottled a bit of the rainbow’s magic for you to keep. May your rainbow be a mini-meditation, a passport to bliss. 

Take a peek through the gallery. Find a rainbow that speaks to you. See if its vibration is in tune with your own wavelength. Tap in. 

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Portrait photo by Dina Kantor. Product photos by Christine Han.